10 Reasons to Choose a Smartphone Xiaomi/ MI in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Become One of the Leading Players in the Global Market

10 reasons to choose a smartphone Xiaomi/ MI in Bangladesh

10 Reasons to Choose a Smartphone Xiaomi/ MI in Bangladesh

The Xiaomi brand in Bangladesh is considered a cult brand. No other brand in Bangladesh having such rapid popularity like as Xiaomi. Here Gadget-Group bring for you MI 5 Plus a new and long display smartphone with snapdargon processor along with screen protector and back cover. You can also choose Mi A1, Redmi Note 5A Prime etc.

Unique adaptability

The combination of a productive iron and perfectly adapted MIUI shell makes Xiaomi smartphones unique in terms of stability in the Android environment. For all the time you use, you will not find any slowdowns, lags and sudden reboots. It is connected with the fact that the company started as a software developer, in particular, the MIUI OS. And who, if not the developer, knows best what to do or how to hone your software to the smallest detail, so that it works stably on the mobile device. Thanks to the harmony of iron and OS, smartphones are slower to discharge, faster and better take photos and videos, catch the network (including LTE), etc. Each new version of MIUI becomes available for most Xiaomi smartphones, so even users of older models will be able to appreciate the work of developers.

Ease of use

It is worth to take a smartphone Xiaomi in hand – and leave him no longer want. Quality materials, thickness and weight of the case, ergonomic arrangement of controls (both mechanical buttons and touchscreens), intuitive MIUI OS – all this only adds points to the smartphones of this Chinese manufacturer. Every Xiaomi smartphone adapts to its owner, opening to it a lot of opportunities. The screen itself will determine the degree of brightness and offer a special mode, so that your eyes are not tired while reading books, the noise reduction system will evaluate the situation and adjust the volume level of the conversational speaker. This full interaction with the interests of the user and bribed more than 100 million people who opted for Xiaomi smartphones. It is very difficult to name things that these devices cannot perform. In this case, you can manage all the settings yourself, choosing the optimal values and almost completely changing the smartphone for you.

Branded shell MIUI

We mentioned the MIUI operating system several times, but now we will tell more about it. They say there are people who choose Xiaomi smartphones just because they have this OS installed. It is based on Android, but offers users a lot of additional settings. Lovers of customization like the ability to change almost all the elements of the design of the operating system. For those who do not like it, when they are not distracted by the case, built-in ad blockers, unwanted calls and messages will be useful. Own antivirus, the original utility for cleaning the RAM, a clear interface for photographic applications, simple, but at the same time, a functional gallery … In general, usability is at a high level.

Attractive appearance

Xiaomi pays a lot of attention to the appearance of its devices. And here, too, there is a desire for diversity. You can find models that look solid, or prefer bright devices that attract the views of others. And this applies to both more expensive advanced models and budget devices.

Advanced technological solutions

Xiaomi Mi5 is by far one of the most productive smartphones. In the AnTuTu test, the device is confidently gaining over 109,000 points! All this thanks to a powerful 4-core Snapdragon 820 processor. In addition, the company’s flagship boasts a new flash drive that is compliant with the UFC standard and functions 87% faster than its counterparts. In Xiaomi do not forget about other models. Each of her smartphones has some zest: high-speed fingerprint sensor, convenient symmetrical USB Type-C port, and support for LTE on two slots for sim ok, a large amount of RAM, good cameras and many other interesting solutions.

Variety of models

Xiaomi is trying to reach as wide a target audience as possible. Need a high-performance device, which in benchmarks shows real miracles? You will find it from Xiaomi, for example, the Mi5 model. Need a budget smartphone, simple and at the same time reliable? Here it is – Mi4i. Requires a middle-class device? Pay attention to Redmi 3 (Pro). The company will be able to offer you options, among which you will certainly find something that fits your wishes.

Excellent cameras

Another good example is Xiaomi MI A1. One of the main chips of this device is its 12-megapixel dual camera with a wide and telephoto lenses, almost same the iPhone used for the 7 Plus telephoto cam. The photos taken on this smartphone impress with high quality and accurate color rendering. Other Xiaomi devices with cameras are just as well. Even in low-cost models you can find a module with auto-focus, and after all they are not all budget models of other manufacturers. As for the top-end machines, here things are just fine.

World leader in smartphone sales

Xiaomi took only a few years to become one of the leading players in the global market for mobile devices from an unknown producer. It literally soared to the third place in the world in sales of smartphones, leaving behind many eminent competitors. The third place is a serious result, is not it? Think, probably, it’s nice to have a device created by a company capable of achieving such impressive success.

High quality and reliability

A characteristic feature of Xiaomi smartphones is high quality. This applies to the assembly and materials: even if we have a budget device with a plastic casing, like the Xiaomi Mi4i, we can be sure that the first-class plastic is used. In this case, recall, Xiaomi products are famous for the whole world attractive price, that is, for high quality you do not have to pay prohibitive price.

Wide range of accessories

To smartphones Xiaomi it is easy to find suitable accessories. Covers and protective films? Memory cards and headphones? Portable chargers and data cables? All this is presented in the catalog of the online store “Gadget-Group“, and the range is constantly expanding.

So which smartphone to choose? Choose Xiaomi – you will not be mistaken.

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