Power Bank Proda Jane V10 Power Box 20000 mAh

Power Bank Proda Jane V10 Power Box 20000 mAh

Remax Proda battery backup capacity of 20000mAh V10

Portable backup battery For charging mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, Samsung and tablets, the A-class Lithium Ion battery has 4 white LEDs for battery status (25%, 50% 75%, 100%) with a white flashlight (Press the Double click on the front to open and Double click again to close) How to charge the battery from the backup to the phone press the front button once to open (start charging / Check battery remaining) Hold to close (stop charging)

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Powerful external battery Proda Jane V10 Power Box

A similar universal charger is designed to provide your mobile energy for a very long time – its capacity (20,000 mAh) will be enough for multiple full charge of a modern smartphone (in some cases up to 10 times) or two to three full charge of the tablet.

Such a Power bank has a lot of weight, although its size is rather compact – it is quite convenient for transportation in a bag or suitcase.

The built-in indicator indicates the residual charge level of the external battery, which is very convenient when planning its recharging.

The presence of two USB sockets will allow you to charge two mobile devices at the same time, providing a charge current up to 2.1A, which is quite enough for most mobile gadgets.

Main benefits of an external battery Proda Jane V10 Power Box:

– Provides charging the mobile device in any situation and makes you independent from the outlet;

– small weight and size;

– presence of the indicator of residual charge power bank-a;

– Two USB ports for simultaneous charging of several devices;

– high output current – up to 2.1A;

– Charging from a standard charger to a phone or a USB connector of a computer.




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