Remax Lipmax Series Lipstick Power Bank 2400 mAh

Remax Lipmax Series Lipstick Power Bank 2400 mAh

External battery REMAX Lipstick RPL-12  2400 mAh is compatible with any devices that support USB charging (Apple, Samsung including), whether it be phones, tablets, or players, etc. Compact size, modern design, high capacity, safety and excellent quality are the distinguishing features of this battery.

External battery characteristics of REMAX Lipstick RPL-12  2400 mAh :

– Battery capacity – 2400 mAh
– Input voltage / current – 5V 1000 mAh
– Outgoing voltage / current – 5V 1000 mAh

৳ 600.00

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External Battery in the Form of a Lipstick Remax Lipmax Series Lipstick Power Bank 2400 mAh

The attractive external battery Remax Lipstick Power Bank will easily come to the rescue of any fashionista – a stylish accessory will help in time to charge the phone or any other gadget. The device in the form of ordinary lipstick easily fits in any purse.

Fashion Assistant
A female external battery is available in a variety of colors to match the style of any fashionista. Its dimensions completely correspond to the parameter of the present tube of lipstick: height 9 cm , and thickness – only 2 cm . The design of the 70-gram device nicely combines a bright glossy top and a comfortable matte bottom.

To charge absolutely any gadget, it is enough to buy the battery Remax Lipstick Power Bank 2400 mAh in the desired color: GOLD , Violet, RED or TURQUOISE.

The device is compatible with the products of all leading manufacturers of equipment, including Apple, Samsung or HTC. The list of devices charged from this lipstick bottle is incredibly wide:

Portable speakers,
MP3 players,
Game consoles
Despite the compact size, the capacity of the external battery Remax Lipstick Power Bank is enough to fully charge the IPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

The latest technology in a stylish design
To buy Remax Lipstick Power Bank 2400 mAh pushes not only spectacular external performance, but also durability in the compartment with excellent technological parameters. The device is a lithium-polymer battery , where the electrolyte is a polymer containing elements of a lithium- conductive material. This provides a higher capacity with miniature dimensions than lithium-ion devices.

Another advantage of lithium-polymer technology is the lack of a “memory effect” , in which the battery “remembers” the amount of charge with incomplete filling, subsequently accumulating energy only to the same level. Now you can forget about the rule of the first three full charges of the battery and fuel the battery at any time without any restrictions on time and energy.

Also, a pleasant feature of the new generation devices is the low self-discharge rate . In standby mode, the battery saves the energy accumulated during the charging process much longer. The life of a durable device is more than 500 cycles of recharging a modern accessory.



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